Saturday, September 29, 2012

Who is The Last Author Standing?

Happy Saturday!

I have to first congratulate the 3 authors that made it to the final round, Lila Munroe, Joanne Stewart, and Lacey Wolfe!  

You all do a fantastic job with this last prompt, this was NOT an easy decisions. 

The Winner of The Last Author Standing is... (insert drum roll)

Joanne Stewart

Again thank you to all the authors that joined this contest!
You are ALL amazing !

Joanne, here are a few banners to choose from and I'll email you the book PDF Prize package!

I would like to thank the authors who donated a book to the Prize Package.

Ella Jade, M. A. Stacie, Tamaria Soana, Lacey Wolfe, and Rosanna Leo

The Last Author Standing was presented by Shades of Rose Marketing!


  1. Congratulations Joanne! So happy for you!

  2. Ha! Oh my goodness. What a wonderful surprise! I totally didn't expect it. I will say, writing these was really fun. I adored the challenge. Thank you very much for allowing me to participate!

  3. Congrats chick! I knew you could do it! xxx