Monday, September 24, 2012

The Final Round Prompt!

Well, we've made it to the Final Round!

Congratulations to our finalist, Lila Munroe, Joanne Stewart, and Lacey Wolfe!

This round is a Words Prompt!

Your task is to write 800-1,000 word flash fiction using all 6 of these words!

Your 6 Words are:


Again, these 6 words MUST appear in your flash Fiction.

Good luck ladies, only one of you will be left standing.


Your entry MUST be a heat level of 2 or greater! 

Heat Levels
2 - sensual
3- sizzling
4- erotic

Your entry MUST be spell checked. If a basic spell check was not performed the entry will be disqualified.

Your entry has to be received by the cut off time. Any late entries will be disqualified.
Cut off time is September 26th at 12pm EST.

You MUST submit you flash fiction using this form

When reading the flash fiction, we must be able to see that the prompt was clearly used.
In this case all 6 words have been used! If you miss a word you will be disqualified.

Entries can be any genre as long as it fits with the prompt.

Judges decisions are final.

The author who walks away with the prize package and title of The Last Author Standing will be announced Saturday the 29th!

Do you have what it Takes to be The Author Standing?

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