Monday, September 10, 2012

Round 1 Prompt

The Last Author Standing Starts now!

Here is your Prompt...

You have 48 hrs to write a 800-1,000 word flash fiction using this prompt. The possibilities are endless with this one. Genre is up to you. 

 The use of this prompt (woman eating strawberries) must be in the flash fiction.
Only half of the entries will make it to Round 2, so be creative.


Your entry MUST be a heat level of 2 or greater! 

Your entry MUST be spell checked. If a basic spell check was not performed the entry will be disqualified.

Your entry has to be received by the cut off time. Any late entries will be disqualified.
Cut off time is September 12th at 12pm EST.

You MUST submit you flash fiction using this form

When reading the flash fiction, we must be able to see that the prompt was clearly used.

Entries can be any genre as long as it fits with the prompt.

Judges decisions are final.

Do you have what it Takes to be The Author Standing?

The Last Author Standing is brought to you by the owners of Shades of Rose Marketing,
Tamaria Soana & Viari Rose.


  1. Hey girls! This is going to be so much fun! Is there a button we can link back on our own websites to drive traffic over here? Didn't just want to assume and use the cool little logo on the previous post but would like to help get you some attention. :)

    1. Yes, use the icon in the previous post.

    2. Awesome. Thanks Viari! :)

  2. What is level 2 heat?

  3. Level 1 would be a sweet romance...we the sexy times!

  4. Is there a prize or is this for bragging rights? Love the prompt pic!

  5. Yes, you get bragging rights and the prize package consist of digital copies of the cooks you see listed in the sidebar.